Overcome the complexity of detecting vulnerable customers 

Challenge your assumptions about vulnerability.

Discover how the face of vulnerability is changing in the UK, what signs of vulnerability are all too often missed by contact centre agents, and why AI could be the safety net your business needs. 

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Discover the five hidden faces of vulnerability in the UK

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Most businesses today are confident in their vulnerable customer processes, but these often lack an adequate safety net to catch signs of vulnerability missed by contact centre agents. AI can help provide protection for both customer and business.

Vulnerability is complex, fast-moving, and extremely fluid. Today, anyone can find themselves in a vulnerable position at any time. This report reveals the five consumer groups most at risk of vulnerability today - and the awareness gap keeping them hidden.

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Better serve vulnerable customers with purpose-built AI

Enlighten AI is built on the industry’s largest labelled customer experience dataset including 20+ years of vulnerability triggers. Bringing billions of customer experience data points together, Enlighten AI can analyse every interaction, on every channel, for the signs of vulnerability developed in conjunction with the FCA pillars. 

Report: The changing face of vulnerability 

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